(Ages 5-12)
Grades 1-3/ 4-6

The elementary program consolidates the skills gained during the previous Primary years and is structured to meet the developmental needs of students capable of pursuing a more academically challenging agenda in the context of a smaller peer group in the afternoon. Learning becomes contagious and collaboration begins to take place as the child’s social skills and self-confidence are solidified. Children at this age are emergent readers who also need one-on-one time with a teacher to strengthen decoding skills and increase reading fluency.

Age six marks the beginning of the second plane of development which runs through age 12. During this time the child moves from the self-centered frame of thinking to exploring his/her environment and developing a greater interest in society and the world.

These students have the opportunity to integrate conceptual skills and to pursue academic and cultural subjects in-depth, thereby becoming independent learners, well prepared for the rigorous Montessori Elementary experience.

Our teachers use strategies that support and facilitate the unique and total growth of each individual. Students have longer and more in-depth lessons in the afternoon. These students often have special studies of the various cultural subjects like science, geography, zoology and biology. Here, students are encouraged to learn respectful and caring attitudes for oneself, others and the environment.

In the Classroom

Math and language arts are our morning subjects. The children have a choice with regards to determining their educational path though there are limits as the teacher works to develop the child as a whole. This is done so that as they develop independent working skills, we can instill certain requirements while ensuring that all core areas are covered during the year. The children will work in tandem with the teacher in order to set goals and the timeline in which they will be met as they assume responsibility and require less supervision.

Although Orlando Montessori adheres to the Montessori curriculum, we must ensure that when our students leave for other schools they will reflect the American standards of performance. As we move through the school year, we administer standardized tests to teach them strategies and test taking skills that they will need in the future.