As you seek the right environment for your child’s learning experience, know that you’ve already made an investment in their education.

If you are like most parents that come through the door, you want your child’s mind to be molded in an environment where they can grow physically and intellectually. A place where self-esteem is second nature and imagination and curiosity are cultivated. You want them to be safe, to be cared for and respected.

For well over 16 years, Orlando Montessori Bilingual Academy has provided families of all backgrounds with the benefits of a solid Montessori education. We have built an educational program that offers:

  • Montessori certified teachers
  • Spanish-language immersion
  • A challenging core curriculum
  • A nurturing environment
  • A safe place to be enriched
  • Physical education
  • Art classes
  • Music classes
  • Yoga
  • Tutoring
  • Field trips

When you invest in a Montessori education, you bestow upon your children a love of learning that’s sure to last a lifetime and a concrete foundation with which to make their mark in the world!