The Classroom

A Montessori classroom feels very different from traditional classrooms. Rather than placing a teacher at the center, here you’ll find students directing their own activities and learning from one another. The Montessori teacher relies on her observations of the children to determine which new materials she will introduce to an individual or small group of children.

From an early age, Montessori students develop the self-discipline to work alone, with peers, or with the entire class. While one student reads about Renaissance painters, another works at a computer and another dissects a flower with a friend. Aided by the rich curriculum and hands-on learning materials, the child develops excellent skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

As part of a mixed-age class the Montessori student enjoys relationships with younger and older children. Mixed-age classes promote collaborative learning and encourage the development of strong community.

Here at OMBA, we focus on 5 main areas: